Tycho’s Nose was a spacious, two-room extension of Tycho’s Face, an attractive smallholding somewhere above the shoulders of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. The two had a notorious falling out in 1566, which you can read more about here, leading to one of the most famous prosthetics in scientific history.

The three of us – pictured below – find this sort of story absolutely fascinating. As passionate as we get about science, we really get going when discussing its historical context, its role in society, and its representation in the media. One day Keir had the idea that we should medicate this obsession with a course of occupational therapy, and here we are today.

CC-BY 2.0 Ben Tubby

CC-BY 2.0 Ben Tubby

Who we are:

Matt in labMatt is a Materials Science graduate who is currently pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College London in the same way that Achilles pursued tortoises. His research interests are based around printable electronic materials, and he loves writing about space, chemistry and anything that isn’t his thesis, although he’s getting better at writing that too.
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Keir is studying for a PhD at University College London in molecular physics, though among physicists he calls himself a quantum chemist to avoid too many difficult questions. He is fascinated by archaic technology, which is a bonus as his project involves programming in Fortran.



Gilead is a science writer and quondam physicist who used to organise TEDx events before discovering the benefits of sleep. Newly refreshed, he now walks the streets of London talking to himself and making videos about Nobel prize winners. As the oldest member of the group, photographs could only be found in black and white.


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